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Programming the HP PhotoSmart Scanner

by Matt Considine mailto:

Contrary to what HP says, the Photosmart scanner does support SCL (it can also export 30bit data and do a crude grayscale, FWIW). This allows for programming of the scanner without using TWAIN or the interface that ships with the scanner. This is most easily accomplished using HP's SCL Toolkit and a C-compiler such as Microsoft's Visual C++. What follows are my notes on how I figured out how to program the scanner. I will expand these notes as more information is available (or I find out that I forgot to mention something).

Robert Nilandís Photosmart FAQ.

This FAQ can be found by searching DejaNews and gives a good idea of how the scanner

works and what it can and cannot do.

Where to get Hewlett Packardís Scanner Control Language (SCL) Toolkit.

I used version 7.0 of the toolkit - version 9.0 is available at

There is also a software developer's guide for the PhotoSmart entitled :

"The HP PhotoSmart Family Software Developer's Guide" version 1.5, dated Sept. 97. Part # 5965-8783EUC

This is only helpful, however, if you want to access the scanner via TWAIN.

Minimal changes to make to the toolkit.

Three of the files in the Toolkit need to be edited to recognize the scanner :


I added a line after the ID code for the ScanJet 5p that looked like :

#define SL_C5100A 11 // PhotoSmart Scanner

Further down, I defined the PhotoSmart as SL_MODEL_10 by adding the

Following line :

#define SL_MODEL_10 73 // Returns C5100A (PhotoSmart)

Finally, a variable corresponding to the last string inquire needs to be

Incremented. So I changed SL_HI_STRING to 74 :

#define SL_HI_STRING 74 // Last SCL string inquire


SCL.C (found in the \SCL\COMMON subdirectory of the installed toolkit)

In the HP 7.0 version of SCL.C there is an "Inquire String" for different

Scanner models, the last one being model 9. This has a command

"16E" command associated with it and is numbered 72. Number 73 is

"Reserved." I changed number 73 to be SL_MODEL_10 and associated

with it the command "17E." This has been added in version 8.0


In the section of code which requests model strings I added :

// inquire the model string 10 from the scanner (PhotoSmart)

if ((status = InquireString(SL_MODEL_10, ModelString

, sizeof(ModelString)-1, (PINT16)&count)) == OKAY)

*pModel = SL_C5100A;


I changed the section of code which processes the returned model number

For the ScanJet 4p and 5p to look like :

(pScanState->Info.Model == SL_HP1130A)|| // ScanJet 4p

(pScanState->Info.Model == SL_HP5110A)|| // ScanJet 5p

(pScanState->Info.Model == SL_C5100A) ) // PhotoSmart

Further along, there is another section handling model numbers, which

I changed to look like :

(pScanState->Info.Model == SL_HP2520A)|| // ScanJet 3c

(pScanState->Info.Model == SL_HP1130A)||

(pScanState->Info.Model == SL_C5100A)) // PhotoSmart

In each of the above cases I just added a case for the PhotoSmart



The SCL Toolkit expects to find a file called HPSCL32.DLL This is the same file

As HPI_SCL.DLL that ships with the scanner and which can be found in the

WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory of the PC on which the scanner is attached.

For my purposes, I copy this file to whereever my programs are and rename it to

Be HPSCL32.DLL. (One could also change the file's name in the Toolkit Ö)

Capabilities of the utilities :

Automatic color balancing (SINGLE) Unmounted positive media (SINGLE)

30bit TIF output (SINGLE, MULTSCAN) Mounted negative media (SINGLE)

Frame extraction (MULTSCAN)

Sprocket cropping (CONTACT)

Multscan and Contact will be getting the above-mentioned features of Single soon.

Down the road : GUI interface

Other suggestions? Please e-mail me at

Programs :

Scan multiple frames at one time

Create an index or contact sheet

Scan odd sized negatives


Copyright 1998 by Matt Considine (6/6/98)